Enrolment in any Australian Qualifications Institute qualification or unit can be completed at any time. Before you enrol online, please read the enrolment checklist below to ensure you understand our policies and processes.

Enrolment checklist

When you enrol online with the Australian Qualifications Institute, you enter into a lawful binding agreement between yourself and the Australian Qualifications Institute. By accepting this agreement you agree to abide by the policies and processes outlined in the Student Handbook.

By submitting an enrolment form, you declare that you:

  • have read the Australian Qualifications Institute pre-enrolment information provided in the Student Handbook
  • have identified and notified us of any individual learning needs
  • have access to the specified minimum technology requirements
  • are prepared to accept and abide by the Australian Qualifications Institute policies and processes and the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook.

Enrolment process

  1. Pay your course enrolment fees via the Courses page.
  2. You will be directed to the enrolment form once your account has been paid. Complete the enrolment form.
  3. You will receive your log-in details via email
  4. Login to the student portal and start your study.

Paying fees

The Courses page shows the enrolment fees for each course.

Students can enrol online in a maximum number of units at a time as outlined in the qualification information. Fees for these units must be paid in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Special arrangements can be made for payment by personal or business cheque however cheques must be cleared before a student receives login details to the student learning web page.

Kirra Young

Kirra Young – our first student


When does my study commence?

Once payment has been finalised, students will receive an email containing their login and password.
Study commences on the day that students receive their login details and this will be the student’s ‘Study Commencement Date’. You may work through your course at your own pace; as long as the time allowed is not exceeded.

How long do I have to complete my qualification?

Students have an allocated time to complete their study. This will be shown in the course information.

Withdrawals and refunds

Our withdrawals and refunds policy is outlined in the Student Handbook.

 Kirra Young, AQI’s inaugural student

“The learning materials in my course were great but what made this online study experience so positive was the ‘one on one’  encouragement and support from my teachers. They were brilliant.”