The RPL Advantage

An Australian recognised qualification


The RPL Advantage

You do not need to study *


The RPL Advantage

Be recognised for what you already know and do


The RPL Advantage

Get your qualification much more quickly


The RPL Advantage

Cheaper than studying

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Recognising your skills for a qualification

RPL= Recognition of Prior Learning

Through life we gain knowledge and skills we take for granted. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) recognises these skills. If you have enough of them you can get recognition for these through the Australian Qualifications Institute and be awarded a Nationally Recognised Certificate I, II or III in Business; a qualification in Accounting or Bookkeeping; or a Diploma of Business.

How does it work?


Stop and think about the things you do in
your job. For instance do you: Employ people,
manage staff, run meetings, organise your
time to manage a busy working life, arrange
for things to be done, organise finances? Do
you? If you answered YES to any of the above
go to point 2.



Understand that people studying for a qualification in business, accounting or bookkeeping
are learning to do the things that you may already do.



Ask yourself if you would like a qualification:
an Australian recognised Diploma or
Certificate; if YES then on to point 4



Contact AQI to arrange a talk with either
Andrea or Marilyn; they will have a chat, ask
you some questions and let you know whether
you can get a qualification through the RPL
process and what the best fit is. There is
absolutely no obligation associated with this.

Start a discussion about your career today.