Jarrah Young Scholarships


Jarrah Young Scholarships


Jarrah Young Scholarships


Jarrah Young Scholarships


Jarrah Young Scholarships

AQI has a range of Jarrah Young scholarships in place for students across the world, particularly girls and women, with a focus on developing nations. Initially 30% of profits from AQI’s training activities will go to the Jarrah Young Scholarship Fund. It is hoped this will in future grow to over 50%. Funds will be kept separate from those of AQI business finances to allow for external donations. There are plans to extend the scholarship program across Nepal and Asia Pacific.

Jarrah working in Africa

The Jarrah Young Scholarship – Cambodia

Our Jarrah Young Scholarships provide bikes to Cambodian village girls so they can cycle to secondary school in the larger villages. No bike, no school!
In the village of O’Rumchek the number of girls attending secondary school has increased from a handful to up to 20 per year with the introduction bikes. From a second village Chobb Kompleng, where the primary school only goes to Grade 5, the year 6 students now they have bikes can access Grade 6 at a neighbouring village 8 kilometres away. Bikes cost $50 (AUD). With a bike the 13 kilometres to school becomes an option. Parents sign a contract which requires that the girls attend school if they want to keep the bike – this is not generally an issue as school is also a great draw card. The parents are mostly illiterate and see education as a passport out of working in the fields or in the sex trade.
There is a further option of providing $20 per year which covers the cost of a school books. We are no also looking for support to provide teacher training to the lesser trained or untrained primary school teachers within the villages.

Bikes for Cambodia

“Thanks very much for the funds transfer Peter. The bikes and books presentation for this academic year went down a treat as usual. One additional feature this year was the school cluster director spoke at length to the parents about the advantages for their children if the parents send them to school instead of putting them to farm labouring or the sex trade. He was very forthright and told the parents not to treat their children as slaves and explained the benefits that can accrue to everyone in the long term with educated children. The parents have to sign a contract agreeing to send the kids to school and ensure the students look after the bikes. None of the parents signed their name. All used thumb prints!!!! All illiterate.”  – Mary

The Jarrah Young Scholarship – International House

This University of Queensland scholarship is in its second year. The criteria for the award are compassion, participation, encouraging others to participate and academic achievement. The full story of the development of this scholarship – and AQI – is told here.  The first two recipients have been exemplary role models and have both gone on to be president of their student association among a vast array of other achievements. The story on PiPi – the first recipient – in 2013 is here and Nicholas Farnsworth – the 2014 recipient here.

The Jarrah Young Safe House Scholarships Nepal

The Safe Househas been set up through the Kumari Project. The Safe House is caring for girls who generally have at least one parent in prison. The Safe House is an alternative to living in prison with their parents or in substandard orphanage care.

Jarrah’s family and friends support the education of a number of girls living in the Safe House. $430 per year supports one year of education for a girl. These scholarships cover fees for a non-religious private school, uniforms, back pack, stationery and books.


Some of the girls who are already in the Safe House or hope to be there soon.

The Jarrah Young Scholarship – Himalayan Sustainable Future Foundation

This scholarship is awarded in Jarrah’s name to a female student in the Pokhara area of Nepal. The recipient must be from a remote village and perform exceptionally well in the regional exam. The selection is conducted by HSFF (Himalayan Sustainable Future Foundation) when they are conducting the selection process for their own scholarship program. The scholarship which is $800 pa is provided by a generous donation from the Paull family as well as Kate Young. It covers full living and education expenses for study in college in the city. It will be extended on an annual basis on review of college results. The current holder of this scholarship is Rupa Gurung who performed exceptionally well in the regional exams.

Ms. Rupa Gurung is originally from a Himalayan Village called Sikles-7, Parche which is a day walk from Pokhara where she is pursuing her high school education. She recently turned 17, the youngest of her siblings. She has three brothers. Her family resides in Sikles.

Ms. Gurung studies Management in Grade 11 at Pokhara United Academy, Kudahar, Pokhara. She aspires to be the best manager one day. She is fond of cultural dancing. She used to participate in extracurricular activities while she was in school. She wants to continue her studies and is determine to fulfill her aim.

She has secured good results in her first terminal exam. There are three such tests in a year and a final one is a board exam under the High School Education Board.

She had topped her school in Sikles which is a government school named Shree Annapurna High School. This exam is called School Leaving Certificate. She then went to Pokhara for her higher education. She wants to continue her education and be a role model for young girl students who are studying in her home village. Further she wishes to encourage parents to let their children pursue higher studies. She says, without education life is dark and hard.


The Jarrah Young Teacher’s Scholarship

This scholarship provides teachers in remote areas of Nepal with free online access to AQI nationally recognised units. The units chosen are relevant to the teacher’s specific development. Gesuba Gurung of Sickles village has been awarded this scholarship for 2015.

Donations toward the Jarrah Young Scholarship Fund can be made to:
Account name: AQI Holdings Pty Ltd ATF AQI Trust
BSB: 124-001
Account No: 21926647

Please email us at accounts@aqi.edu.au with details of your EFT so that we can acknowledge your donation.

It is possible for you to sponsor a specific child. Where possible we will keep you informed with updates on that child.

Menu aged 9 and Rabina 11


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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela ~